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SEO for Beginners: All about SEO for new Blogger. increase site traffic of new site

hii guys. my name is manish and today i am going to share some important things about seo for new bloggers.

so lets get started

before start i want to tell you i will go with following points

  1.  what is SEO
  2. why need SEO
  3. What is On-page and off page seo
  4. why title tags are important
  5. why description need for seo
  6. why need to give meta tag
  7. how to use images in website
  8. Mobile Responsive
  9. Speed of website
  10. why keyword important
  11. what is backlinklink
  12. what we will discuss in my next post.


so lets start with first point

what is seo ?

in simple word we have to incerase visibility our site or content on search engine so people can see it.

in seo we have to need design our website in such a way so google and other search engine can understand it fast.

every one want to get their site on first rank but it is very difficult due to high traffic. only good content will not help of you. you have to understand Seo mean search engine optimisation.

ok now lets come to our second point

why need seo?

in simple word to increase rank your website on search engine or want to get more views for increase your bussiness.

What is On-page and off page seo?

On-page mean SEO of your website pages and off page mean SEO outside from your website like link building.

why title tags are important?

yes first i will tell you what are title tag

are you hear about h1 h2 h3

yes thease are title tags and use like this in website

<h1>Best web development company cubefixer</h1>

<h2>Best web development company cubefixer</h2>

<h2>Best web development company cubefixer</h3>

thease are from h1 to h6

now why they are important in seo point of view

yes h1 mean what is your main focus title

h1 should used only one time in one page of website

google will understand h1 is important and what text inside it. if you put web development company in it. google will understand this website mainly for web development

h2 mean lower priority than h1

h2 mean subtitle of main title

web design

android development

laravel development

like this

hope your understand what i want to say. if any doubt ask me in comment

why description need for seo

yes description tell google what this website is offering or on which thing it is working

in coming post i will show to give you detail info about it because it is very important and need to understand it in better way

why need to give meta tags

yes meta tags also very important and meta tags like some tags

web development

best web development company

website design company

mean these will work like keyword and they are also very important for seo.

see meta tag post for get full information about it.

how to use images in website

images should have alt tag and title tag

<img src=”/logo.png” alt=”cubefixer-logo” title=”web development”/>

and need to compress size before use will incease speed of your site

Mobile Responsive

website should be well running in mobile. it is very important factor for 2018 google algorithm.

so please make your website full responsive for mobile devices

Speed of website

yes your website load time should be small. as much as your website fast google will notice it.

so incease speed of your website

visit : for this

why keyword important

yes keyword is first key for on-page seo. we will discuss more about it in coming posts because it will one page post

what is backlinklink

backlink mean link of your website on others site. it is very very important to increase your ranking.

in coming posts i will discuss about it briefly and tell you how can create more than 6k backlink in just 5 days

what we will discuss in my next post.

in our next post will we discuss about backlink briefly and give you exclusive tips to grow your website in fast way.

thanks for read!!

if you like this post then please share it. if any question you have ask me in comment box.

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