Web Designers: Stop Doing These 5 Unproductive Things

Being a web designer can sometimes feel like an exercise in extremes. Either you’re incredibly busy or left waiting for something (anything) to come your way. And your financial situation can be just as chaotic.

Then there’s the pressure that comes with pleasing clients. Plus, you’re expected to keep up with the latest trends and learn the latest techniques. Are you tired yet?

7 Best & Free Social Media Channels for Startup’s Marketing

With so many people using social media there are high chances for business to reach their potential audience and showcase them the messages.

Social Media is a powerful tool when used smartly by businesses. It has the power to take your business to new heights. Startups must create there business profiles on social media channels and especially when it’s free to do so then Why Not!. Moreover, every business target customers is using some or other social media channels.

15 of The Best Free Typography Tools for Designers

Typography simply means adjusting the appearance, style, and arrangement of a text within a design or a website. It is not just confined to the font you use, but also the length of content, size of the text, and its style.

In order to create a powerful content, strong emphasis should be made on typography. It helps in preserving the aesthetic value of your content and provides an attractive appearance to it. Typography is an art in itself that sets the tone of your website, presents the information in a professional way, and ensures a great user experience.